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Coronavirus Update

I have been keeping up to date with the latest advice from my professional body and insurers regarding Covid-19 and very sadly I have been advised not to practice until further notice, and my insurers could not guarantee that I would be insured. Although disappointing this is the correct measure to take.  I look forward to welcoming you all back...

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Muscle tightness and fatigue

The Summer is here and along with that the social calendar is starting to fill up, Ascot, Polo, Weddings and Regattas. After months of boots and wellies we ask our bodies to accept heels of differing heights and sizes and totter around, shortening our calf muscles and sometimes throwing our backs out, causing pain and frustration. We at Body and Soule...

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Make your orthotic specialist aware of any other issues you may have

I’ve recently had a spate of people coming into the clinic who have been prescribed orthotics for a variety of reasons. Although they have their place in ensuring our foot placement is aligned correctly it is really imperative you make your orthotic specialist aware of any other issues you may have, whether it be back, neck, bottom or leg issues. Although...

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Cyclists, Runners, and Swimmers

With the improving weather all of us fair weather exercisers, be it cyclists, runners or swimmers will be getting ourselves ready to hit the hills, roads and pools. Maybe after months of limited action we are asking our bodies and muscles to spring into life and perform their best. Pushing ourselves to lose the pounds before the summer holidays are...

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Gardening season is well and truly in flow

The sun is shining and the gardening season is well and truly in flow. How many of us get up from the armchair and head straight out into the garden, dig, mow and hoe for hours, come back in sit down, have a cup of tea and then can’t move? Many!! We ask a lot of our bodies and after...