Cyclists, Runners, and Swimmers
Thursday, May 12, 2016

With the improving weather all of us fair weather exercisers, be it cyclists, runners or swimmers will be getting ourselves ready to hit the hills, roads and pools. Maybe after months of limited action we are asking our bodies and muscles to spring into life and perform their best. Pushing ourselves to lose the pounds before the summer holidays are upon us we may initially attack the exercise regime a little ‘gun ho’. It is really important to tailor your exercise programme to reflect your fitness levels and look after your bodies after they have performed but stretching or booking yourselves a well deserved muscle treatment. By taking time to look after your body, if will respond by performing well in exercise and aiding you to lose those winter pounds. Massage treatments are a great way to not only make you feel better but we can help you understand how to avoid injury through stretching and additional exercises to support your own programme. For further advice or treatment please call 01491 614450 or visit


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