Muscle tightness and fatigue

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Muscle tightness and fatigue

The Summer is here and along with that the social calendar is starting to fill up, Ascot, Polo, Weddings and Regattas. After months of boots and wellies we ask our bodies to accept heels of differing heights and sizes and totter around, shortening our calf muscles and sometimes throwing our backs out, causing pain and frustration. We at Body and Soule realise you want to look your best at these special occasions but do ensure you understand the event you are attending and what you can do during the day/evening to alleviate muscle tightness and fatigue. Don’t be afraid to take your shoes off under the table and stretch out your calf muscles, dance on the floor without shoes, its quite invigorating!! If outside wedges are the way to go for a couple of reasons, 1, you won’t sink into the grass and 2, your weight is spread across your whole foot not just your heel and ball of your foot. Understanding how to stretch and also to prepare your legs for such an event, make sure you contact us at or call on 01491 614450.

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