Gardening season is well and truly in flow

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Gardening season is well and truly in flow

The sun is shining and the gardening season is well and truly in flow. How many of us get up from the armchair and head straight out into the garden, dig, mow and hoe for hours, come back in sit down, have a cup of tea and then can’t move? Many!! We ask a lot of our bodies and after months of not bending and digging we are asking our legs and backs to spring back into action without any prior warning. It is really important to stave off the impending ‘gardeners back ache’ by ensuring you stretch your legs and lower backs well after your stint in the garden and before drinking that well deserved cuppa. Even if it is a simple bending forward from the waist and letting your arms dangle towards to floor, this will be an invaluable stretch and will help muscles recover from the work they have been doing. Don’t forget also, long baths with lots and lots of Epsom Salts to support muscle recovery too! For further advice or to book yourself an appointment for a sports massage please visit

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